Tips for Hassle Free Lighting Upgrades

Tips for Hassle Free Lighting Upgrades

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You know it and we know it – lighting efficiency is one of the easiest ways to slash your utility bills. Not to mention that better illumination can increase safety, improve productivity, and lower maintenance costs. It doesn’t pay to wait when an upgrade can immediately start saving money. These tips will help you make the decision to replace those outdated fixtures and improve your operations.


  1. Investigate all options – There will be different types of LED fixtures & bulbs for your application. Check out the different manufacturers for quality and stability. They need to be around to service that warranty!
  2. Measure your light levels – Check out what you are doing now and what improvements will do. Look at recommended light levels and evaluate hot spots and distributions.
  3. Anticipate all operational costs – Look at total life cycle costs not just startup costs. This will a longer term investment than what you are used to. Evaluating maintenance for the future is a wise decision. You may not need to change the “bulb” but what about cleaning the lens or removing bugs? Some of the other components have a shorter life than the life of the purported “LED”.
  4. Read the fine print – Compare the manufacturer warranties for all the components. Look at differences in color, color rendering, lumen maintenance and dimming. Depending on your application all of these can be important to your final decision.
  5. Try it before you buy it – Sample and test your final choice. Remember the electronic components are not compatible with every existing electrical system. Make sure it will work before you buy it.
Exterior Walpak

Exterior Wall Pack, LED

Still sound confusing? It is! You will need a professional to help you evaluate all your options effectively. Let Professional Lighting be your partner for your next upgrade.


Remember, When it Comes to Lighting, We’re Light Years Ahead!Professional Lighting - Sid and Becky Phillips

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Energy Efficiency Calculators

Energy Efficiency Calculators

Rebates and Incentives

Depending on a building’s geographic location, many electric utilities offer substantial rebates for the installation of energy-efficient lighting equipment which can speed payback and significantly offset lighting upgrade costs.


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When It Comes to Lighting, We're Light Years Ahead