Lighting Maintenance

Professional Lighting: Lighting System Upkeep and Stewardship

Professional Lighting’s lighting maintenance services ensure you get the best performance out of your lighting system after installation and far into the future.

Regular post-installation lighting system maintenance is essential to ensure that facilities receive the desired quantity and quality of light, as well as energy efficiency, from their lighting systems. Periodic maintenance can produce a range of benefits, including a brighter and cleaner workplace, a higher level of security and enhanced employee productivity.

Our lighting maintenance services include:

  • Group relamping
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Lamp/ballast recycling
  • Customized maintenance programs

Maintaining Your Lighting ROI

Outsourcing lighting maintenance with Professional Lighting reduces labor costs and improves the appearance of the building through advanced maintenance methods such as group relamping and periodic fixture cleaning. Our maintenance services include end-of-life fluorescent lamp and ballast disposal to reduce liability and ensure regulatory compliance.

Professional Lighting works with our maintenance customers to improve lighting system maintenance strategies and find opportunities that help achieve their organizations’ goals.

When It Comes to Lighting, We’re Light Years Ahead!
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Energy Efficiency Calculators

Energy Efficiency Calculators

Rebates and Incentives

Depending on a building’s geographic location, many electric utilities offer substantial rebates for the installation of energy-efficient lighting equipment which can speed payback and significantly offset lighting upgrade costs.


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When It Comes to Lighting, We're Light Years Ahead