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“Change is our lifestyle today. The constant movement in our professional and personal lives produces constant change. What we do with all the new information and activity is what forms our relationships, both business and personal. We at Professional Lighting make the many developments in our industry the basis of our commitment to you. It is our mission to provide you with the information you need to make these changes.”

Sounds relevant today, right? I actually first wrote this for our newsletter in the summer of 1998! The saying that one thing that stays constant is change, rings true today in the lighting industry. The onslaught of LED technology has the industry changing more quickly than we have ever seen in the past. How we embrace and move forward with that change will move us all towards the next possibilities of great technology.

Exterior LED solutions are a great example of that change. The old version utilizes approximately 450 watts of power, the new 125 watts! A 75% reduction with technology advancement in about 5 years and more to come. Impressed? We are. Think about this as it relates to another industry, automobiles. The efficient hybrid car of today rates and average of 48mpg. The gas guzzler of our youth, 15 mph; again a 75% reduction. The difference is how long it took – 5 years for LED technology and more than 15 for hybrid automotive.


If you still have that old technology it’s time to evaluate your options for the future. Be Light Years Ahead!

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Energy Efficiency Calculators

Energy Efficiency Calculators

Rebates and Incentives

Depending on a building’s geographic location, many electric utilities offer substantial rebates for the installation of energy-efficient lighting equipment which can speed payback and significantly offset lighting upgrade costs.


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